Hi there, I'm Jen, a


 Photo Courtesy by  Esther Raudszus Photography

Photo Courtesy by Esther Raudszus Photography



I am based out of Cologne, Germany but I am frequently travelling to Sydney, Australia where I lived for almost 6 years.                   

Before I started to photograph weddings in 2013 I worked as a photographer’s assistant in advertising, fashion, food and interior design while studying photography at the Australian Centre of Photography in Sydney.

In the past three years I photographed over 101 weddings and capturing your emotions in a non-obtrusive way is the most important thing to me.

Your tears, your laughter, your excitement and all those other special moments throughout your wedding day will be captured forever in beautiful images!


I love different cultures and prefer spending more time at foreign places than the typical tourist.

I'd always like to get to know the real place and especially its people.

Besides photography books are my other passion.
I love scientific books about people and how the world works. Nerdy I know!

Documentary photography and films, interior design, trees, mountains, the ocean, birds, my bicycle, being outdoors, exotic food, especially the Japanese kitchen, are my absolute favourites.

If you'd like to know a bit more about me, check out my Instagram account.

Can't wait to hear from you!

Jen xx